Local Arts Market Appreciation Post

10:13 PM

Every Saturday morning, the area I live in hosts a local arts market. I absolutely love all the little tables set up and all the diversity within the market. There are people selling items like fresh fruit and vegetabes to succulents that were planted in recycled soda and water bottles. My favorite tables set up are normally the ones with homemade jewelry.

The guy with this table makes some pretty cool stuff (such as earrings made out of old Barbie doll shoes for example) however,my favorites are his leather bracelet cuffs that feature natural gemstones on them (and thinking about it now so makes me wish I would've bought one).

Along with all the cool tables comes some pretty cool people and the guy who had the tables in the next 2 pictures definitely earns the title of "one cool dude". He saw me with my camera and asked me if I was getting any good shots and then started telling me about the plants he thought would make good pictures. As I was taking my pictures more people started coming to his table so he began to tell us about his plants and had he not said something I never would've even noticed but all his succulents were planted in something recycled from 2 liter soda bottles to old straw hats. To be honest, I didn't even plan on buying anything but just his enthusiasm about his items and his attitude made me want to purchase something. Check his plantstagram out here 


I started taking pictures of this piece (above) and began to leave but the artist quickly stopped me and said "Oh no, you're not done". He then began to position all of his paintings so I could get them into one shot and started telling me the stories of his artwork. The painting in the two pictures below in the top right easily appears as the profile of 2 Indians but if you cover their mouths you're faced with the eyes of a bull staring at you. 

I don't know about you, but I don't know what's better than free entertainment in the form of two parrots. I was so mesmerized by them and the bright colors they were.

This lady was putting her heart and soul into her music and I don't think there's anything more beautiful than that.

The market is right next to a museum that I have done blogposts on before. I haven't been in a while so it was nice seeing all the new pieces displayed outside. I had to go to work so unfortunately I couldn't go in the museum but I do plan to make a trip down to it next week.

I absolutely fell in love with this piece and it quickly became my favorite (3 above).

Oh and of course I had to pick up my favorites, macarons. Honestly, if you ever wanna take a quick trip to heaven - bite into a macaron, you'll have no ragrets.


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