Blue Ocean | A Playlist for the Beach.

7:18 PM

There's nothing better than going to the beach and just relaxing while listening to some cool tunes. I've compiled a collection of some of my favorite songs that remind me of just laying out at the beach, watching the waves, and having zero worries.

In no particular order

1. This Chain Won't Break - Wild Nothing
I bought Wild Nothing's Nocturne album about a year ago and just this year have I actually started to love and appreciate it. There's 12 songs on it and I love every single one. Lately right when I wake up I've been playing Only Heather, it gets me in a great mood and it's one of those songs I wish that everyone could hear.

2. Let's Go Surfing - The Drums
With a title like that, you're bound to wanna do something beach related.. am I right?

3. Had to Hear - Real Estate
"Have you ever heard of Real Estate?" "Yeah, like people's property and stuff?" "No...the band who makes the most chill and relaxing music ever"

4. A Token of Gratitude - The Radio Dept.

5. How Long Have You Known - DIIV
I recently discovered DIIV about a month ago when I was on Tumblr and saw one of the blogs I follow reblog a ton of pictures of the group. I love the blog because whoever is behind it, they have the exact same music taste as me and I love that so when I saw them reblogging this group, I knew they had to be good. How Long Have You Known was the first song I listened to by DIIV and within the first few seconds I knew I had just found a new favorite group.

6. Go Go Chaos - Bonjah
I heard this song in the background of a YouTube video and I found myself liking the song more than the video itself.

7. It All Feels Right - Washed Out
This song was free on iTunes and I really liked the cover art so I took advantage of the fact that I didn't have to pay for it and ended up falling in love with the song.

8. Riptide - Vance Joy
I feel like I'd be committing a crime if I didn't include this song..

9. The Video Dept. - The Radio Dept.

10. Never Seen Such Good Things - Devandra Banhart
Grab an Arnold Palmer and some snacks from the gas station and enjoy the waves. (with this song playing, of course)

11. The Sea - Swim Deep
refer to number 10.

With the exception of A Token of Gratitude, I've created a playlist with all the songs mentioned that can be listened to here.



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